Easily manage your ingredients whenever you run out of something or added something new.


With over 400 cocktails in our database, searching for a cocktail will help introduce drinks that are new to the user. The user can search for a specific cocktail or simply scan the list and find something new to try!


When the user swipes up on the featured bar page, interactive cards slide in that are little nuggets of mixology and cocktail knowledge. Content will range from Ingredient Histories (the history of Bourbon, Gin, Banana’s, you name it) to Featured Bartenders where we feature and interview a bartender.


Typsi allows you to add all the alcohol and ingredients you have in your home (From Tequila to Eggs) and Typsi will tell you every cocktail you can create with what you have. The user will also see how many ingredients they are missing in order to create any cocktail (400+ cocktails in the database).

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