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While at McGarrah Jessee, I helped lead efforts to create a user experience that redefined how people interacted with Frost Bank online. My team and I set out to create an experience that felt welcoming, inviting and conversational for both current Frost Bank customers and customers who may be looking to bank with Frost.

I was involved in every step throughout the project, from research and wire-framing to design handoff and development.

User Experience. A lot of the decisions that were made through both UX and UI were informed by a deep understanding of who uses Frost bank and who is likely to pick them as their bank. Frost is proudly a bank that exists only within Texas. Texans take great pride in their state, so anytime there is a service that prides themselves on those same values, you will find a group of people who love a product that goes deeper than the service it provides. While going through the first stages of wireframes, we wanted to make sure we captured a personal connection with the user that is typically lost on most bank websites.

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